We are a dynamic, keeping pace with the rapid changes trying to grow not only physically - in numbers and quantities, but is particularly concerned that our staff of professional skills, competence, business culture and sophistication. We provide legal and physical persons of bankruptcy, legal and debt collection services. We provide our services throughout the territory of Lithuania, office in Vilnius.

Since bankruptcy nowadays exposed than one company - it can even lead to the most successful ! Technology is changing at the year, not months, but days before the webbing so adapt to the trends at none other than the company's failure. Knowing that the essence of bankruptcy - settlement with creditors, raise the question of what is to oversee the entire process of debt transfer?

The answer to this question - bankruptcy. This can be either physical or legal person, who has given him the right to bankruptcy administration services. JSC ADMINOVA company
exercise wide range of services:
     Corporate insolvency administration;
     Private bankruptcy administration;
     Legal advice relating to bankruptcy;
     Prepare legal documents;
     Executes business liquidation;
     Asset Management;

Managing a private bankruptcy process. The main individual bankruptcy is to liquidate the property of the individuals, the distribution of funds received (and produced monthly income) for creditors to a certain period of time to get rid of bad debts and start life a new.

We provide all kinds of legal entity establishment, liquidation, bankruptcy initination services.

We organize all kinds of procedural documents: action, feedback, complaints, petitions, declarations of private prosecution and others.

We help borrowers relationships with high credit companies, credit unions, banks. With our help you can reduce the interest to postpone, extend or in installments debt repayment terms.

Advise on legal and natural persons in legal matters. Our specialists are ambitious, qualified, long experienced lawyers seeking to responsibly and coherently to solve all the problems and provide optimal solutions with you.